Monday, August 9, 2010


Well after all going our own separate ways, we made our way to Genoa airport for our connecting flight to Sicily...  Checked in our baggage and we were slogged 100 euros for excess baggage... bugger!!!  Then going through immigration we were pulled aside as Sandy had two bottles of Sangria (which he had purchased at Las Palmas) in his hand luggage ( I didn't know)  After being told off by the officials, we had the bottles confiscated from us... we were definitely off to a good start!!!

It was fantastic to see the smiling faces of our family waiting for us at the other end (Catania, Sicily)... it was a great catch for me  after 21 years of not having seen them...

This morning we woke up in Vizzini -- the town where my parents were born and  this will be our base for the next 7 days...
My cousin, Lilliana, has given me her internet stick to use whilst I am here, so staying on line shouldn't be a problem :)

Starting to REALLY miss everybody... a lot :(


  1. Hi Josey, Your Hometown looks very nice, enjoy we will see you

  2. we miss you too, but it was great to see and talk to you on skype