Saturday, August 6, 2011

Arrived in Phuket after a not TOO BAD flight...  Only eight and a half hours...  Lena and Len had a window seat whilst Joe, Mary and us had the four seats in the middle...  Luckily there were spare seats at the back of the plane and we banished Sandy and Joe there.. So Mary and I were able to stretch out in the four seats...

The hotel is called Burasari Resort and is the decor is very traditional Thai... Complimentary fruit on our arrival -- well at least we've started off on the right foot lol
 Out for dinner once we settled in -- and had a banquet of seafood cooked for us... Check out the size of the tiger prawns... YUM

Drank strawberry daiquiris to our hearts content (buy one get one free!!!) and on walking back to our hotel you could buy BACARDI Breezers on the side of the road for a couple of bucks -- so we downed a few of those...  It's gonna be a great holiday !!!

PS:  Sandy is loving all the attention he is getting with his sore hand!!!  He told a couple of Thais on the street that he was a boxer with an injured hand lol and they came and asked me if it was true...  Joe has been propositioned quite a number of times, so Mary has to keep an eye on him and Lenny - well he had his nipples pinched in the street... bahaha xxx 

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