Monday, August 8, 2011

Taking up from where I left off yesterday, the gang came back with bags of shopping (thai style of course)...  so don't know if any of these will work as Joe screwed them down on the price -- apparently got them much lower than the "going rate"

Lena, Mary and I enjoyed our pampering so much that we are going back there at 1.00 pm today and again at 11.00 tomorrow... Turns out the guys (who had gone there for their massages the day before) left an everlasting impression!!!

Jon -- we finally found the seafood restaurant that you recommeded... Definitely going back...

After that it was a stroll down the Bangala Strip... What an eye-opener...  All I can say is you definitely have to hang on tight to your man lol  Thinking of going back tonight to see one of the shows!!!

Thank you for your kind birthday wishes... don't know what's happening but will keep you posted... have heard a few little whispers!!!

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