Friday, July 30, 2010

A Night in Mykonos...

We spent a wonderful afternoon and evening at Mykonos.  We went on shore as a group and explored the small picturesque island... had dinner at a beautiful Greek Tavern right on the beach...  Our host fed us the best seafood any of us had eaten...  We watched the sunset, ate great food and drank lots  -- when it was time for us to leave, our host handed us complimentary shotties...  (which was just what the boys needed to get their nerves up)

After dinner the boys had to find the perfect place to complete their "dare"  which had been set in Melbourne.  You see before we left , Joanna bought each of them a pair of Playboy G-Strings on the condition that when we arrived in Mykonos they had to parade in them!!!  Well here are the pics of their midnight romp!!!  (I'll probably be killed for posting these)


  1. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbhahahahahahahahahahhahaha omg that is too funny!! i bet they were loving it! ahwell why not enjoy ! cant wait to show jon

    that seafood looks amazing!!! im sure there will be more of that to come

    lov to all xoxo

    ps nice white arses.. get a tan boys :)

  2. Hi Josey, Sounds like your having lots of fun, good on the guys.

    lov to you xxxxoxoxoxoxo

  3. will never live that one down Sandy!