Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This morning we arrived in Santorini...  As there is no port the ship anchored in the bay and we were taken to the shore in small boats...

Once there, the village was way up on the mountain top and the only way to get there was chair lift, walking in the blazing heat :( or DONKEY!!!  We all overcame our "fear facor" and chose to travel by donkey...  Big mistake!!!

Once at the donkey station Franca chickened out and Joe and her walked it instead...

The whole time we were waiting I was trying to figure out how in hell I was going to get on my donkey  -- I struggled but with the help of 2 fat Greeks and Sandy I managed to scramnble on... No sooner was I on the donkeys back, when the Greek men gave him a huge whack on the back with a stick and he took off like grease lightning -- needless to say my screams could be heard from the mainland...

All the donkeys climbed up the mountain at a slowish pace but mine was definitely a V8 and turbo charged -- as the bugger overtook all the donkeys, smashing into the rock walls and prickly cactuses...  No doubt he wanted to get this over and done with :)

Hope you enjoy the photos -- I did have more but my iphone stopped working along the way...

Coming back down from the mountain we decided to walk it instead -- over 1000 slippery steps covered in donkey shit -- the stench was incredible...

Our next stop --- MYKONOS !!!


  1. oh my god josey! i cant stop laughin!! i wish i was there to see it.. my god i rekon i would of wet my pants. Trust you to get the crazy one, lucky u didnt fall off. Ah well atleats u did it in greek style.. i mean where else are you going to ride a bloody donkey back here

    god i cant wait for you to re tell this story when u get back
    much lov xoxo

  2. trust my mum to chicken out!! Josey I hope you are feeding her alcohol because she needs to lighten up!! hahaha good to see you are all having a ball

  3. Josey I could not stop laughing when I read this. I could just imagine it as if I was there. I printed it off and took it to work. We all killed ourselves laughing.