Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Pre-Union... 
Not sure if such a word exists, but it is supposed to be the opposite to Reunion!!!!  Reunion being the "getting together after the event"...  Preunion the "getting together BEFORE the event" or just another excuse for a good feed and drink up!!!

Well this has been about the 5th Official Pre-Union we have had this year and it will probably be the last...  Next time this group of people come together will be at Tullamarine Airport in 10 days time...

Oops almost forgot...   Lena baked a cruise ship cake for the occasion, complete with Jelly Baby passengers!!!

and Joanna presented the men with a special gift -- something to bring out the "Raw European Stud" in each of them!!!


  1. It looks like you are all having the best fun ....and you havn't even started yet!

  2. I know!!! I guess it's a taste of things to come!!! God help us (lol)